Best Brunch Spots on The North Shore

Best Brunch Spots On The North Shore:

 Whether you’re fueling up for your hike, curing your hangover, or just catching up with friends, you’ll want to try one of these restaurants ASAP.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and us Vancouverites take that very seriously. It’s just as important as choosing which trending restaurant to go to on a Friday night or which new donut place (hello Honey’s) you should stand in line for. Lucky for you, there’s tons of places to fill your eggs benny or pancakes craving in North Vancouver. So, whether you’re fueling up for your hike, curing your hangover, or just catching up with friends, you’ll want to try one of these restaurants ASAP.


BLVD Bistro


Don’t let the long lines steer you away, this rustic-chic brunch spot is the “it” place in town and isn’t to be missed. Located in Queensbury since 2015, this popular brunch spot is a local favourite. Chef Erik Smith has mastered dishes that combines comfort with elegance, i.e. egg benedict’s served on bread pudding, making you want to come back every weekend. Bonus, there’s local beers on tap on weekends.

Top picks: Beautiful Buddhist, Huevos Rancheros, and Macadamia Nut Banana Pancakes


Lift Breakfast Bakery LTD


Located in Lower Lonsdale, this all-day breakfast joint is the place to go for fresh pastries or classic high-quality brunch dishes. Run by Jane Copeland, who has worked at a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Spain, brings a sophisticated touch to each of her dishes. Using only the finest ingredients prepared daily, she combines flavours in a way that elevates each classic brunch dish.

Top picks: Up Hill French Toast, Pastrami Hash, and North Shore Bowl


Tour de Feast

A casual French restaurant nestled into the industrial area. Unless you were looking, you probably wouldn’t notice Tour de Feast, but this family run restaurant isn’t one to miss. The delicious French classic dishes outstand the sparse décor by a longshot, making you focus on the flavours of the food rather than the experience of the restaurant.

Top picks: Cassoulet, The Full French, and Lyon


Nemesis Dope Bakehouse


A youthful and hip coffee shop with an energetic vibe. Nemesis Dope Bakehouse, located within Lonsdale Quay, offers some of the best coffee in town and beautiful pastries that aren’t to be missed. Take one to go or grab a number (placed on CD covers) and sit at one of their tables. It gets quite busy, so be prepared to wait or sit outside.

Top picks: Any pastry. Just don’t leave without one!


Honey Doughnuts & Goodies

Everyone knows Honey’s for their delectable doughnuts, but did you know they have breakfast too? The perfect spot to grab a bite before heading up the mountain, Honey’s offers classic breakfast dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. Because of its popularity for doughnuts though, make sure to come with ample time as this place is always lined up. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for celebrities, they’re frequently spotted at Honey’s!

Top picks: The Coveman’s Breakfast, Breakfast Sandwiches, and ALL the doughnuts

Tommy’s Cafe

A North Shore staple, Tommy’s is a weekend favourite and a regular stop for outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to its close proximity to trails at Fromme. Whether you want a classic eggs benny, perogies for brunch or a healthy start to your day, this eclectic dinner has a huge menu with something for everyone – including bottomless self-serve coffee. Come early as this homey yet small restaurant fills up fast!

Top picks: Bohunky, Waffle House Butty, and Ultimo Frenchy Toast

Raglan’s Bistro

This kitschy tiki-lounge, located in Lower Lonsdale, is the place to go for a relaxed good time. Although it’s popular in the evening for its loud music, strong drinks and all-around fun experience, Raglan’s has also earned a reputation for its delicious brunch. Cure your hangover and enjoy a quieter, but not any less busy, space with a good group of people. Or on a sunny summer day, bring your pooch and sit outside (dog treats included!).


Top picks: Pulled Pork Poutine, Ragga Muffins, and The Nut Hugger



Bring your appetite to this North Vancouver classic that’s been around since the 20’s. What started as a small coffee shop has now turned into one of the most famous restaurants on the North Shore. Known for the Indigenous art that’s displayed around the restaurant, including the famous totem poles at the entrance, this casual restaurant has great Canadian classic dishes that will satisfy anyone’s appetite.


Top picks: Sunrise Special, Buttermilk Pancakes, and Classic Benny


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