Tips For House Hunting With/Before A Newborn

“Think past the newborn phase and into the toddler/young child age”

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Tips For House Hunting With/Before A Newborn

By Daisy Robinson


Congratulations! You have (or will soon have) a newborn AND you’re wanting to a buy your forever home. What an exciting time of your life! But we also know how stressful it can be, which is why we asked someone who, just like you, bought a home with a newborn. Read on to hear her top tips on what to look for in your new home. Her favourite advice? Think past the newborn phase and into the toddler/young child age.

What to Think About When Buying A House with A Newborn


Bathroom on the Main Floor

Whether you’re pregnant or have a new baby, the bathroom is an important room of the house and one that gets used a lot. Make sure that there is a washroom located on the main floor (if it’s a multi-level home) so you can access it easily – especially when your toddlers are potty training and have that sudden “I need to pee right now” moment. It’s also convenient to set up the bathroom as a changing room!


At Least One Bath Tub

One point you may not think about is if there’s a bathtub in your kid’s washroom. You’ll be giving your newborn or toddler baths, not showers. So, make sure there’s a place where they can wash up and play in the tub – or for you to have a spa moment.


Separate Adult Space from Child Space

You may automatically assume that bedrooms are always located on a different floor than the main living area, but in actuality a lot of houses have bedrooms on each floor. Our expert recommends to find a home where the bedrooms are on a separate floor so that you are able to make noise downstairs without waking up your kids. We can all appreciate how important it is to have some regular adult time without feeling like you have to tip toe around your house.

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How Baby Proof is Your House?

Baby gates are crucial to making your home a safe space for your young children, but unfortunately not every home is set up for them. Make sure to scope out your potential new home to see if the hallways and doorframes could be used for baby gates.


How Easily Can You Enter Your Home?

Picture this – you’re living in your new home and taking your adorable baby out for a walk in the stroller for the first time. Only to realize that it’s a major pain to get the stroller up or down the stairs, roll it across the gravel, or maneuver it past the overgrown plants. Take a quick look around the entrance way to ensure you can enter and leave your house without getting a headache.

Parking is Close By

Carrying everything under the sun for your baby is already enough work, but as soon as you add groceries or other shopping parcels to the mix you’ll quickly realize that you want as short of a walk to your front door as possible. Ask your realtor if there’s reliable street parking if your potential home doesn’t have a garage or driveway.


Convenient Play Areas Are Key

As soon as your child can walk, they’re going to want places to play. Are there playgrounds or parks nearby that you can easily go to during the day? If not, do you have a large yard or community centre nearby? Think about the lifestyle you want and what you will be doing each day and make sure you can picture your day-to-day in this home.

Photo : Nicole Mofrad Photography

Walkability to Shops

Parents have to have some fun too! What’s the neighbourhood like that you could live in? Do you like the restaurants and shops? Are they even close by? Is there mama friendly workout classes or nice date night restaurants? Also, being close to a grocery store is perfect for quick walks with your kids – or a quick walk home for when your kids fall asleep in the stroller. Take a drive or a walk around your neighbourhood to see if you can envision yourself living there.

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