How To Style An Entry Way

Interior Designer, Samantha Haff, shares her tips on how to style one of the most difficult rooms in the house.

Throughout the years, from house to house, entryway styling and decor have taken on a few different forms. From the obvious and spacious to the space saving & creative. The entryway is the welcome sign of your home. A unique way to showcase your style and what to expect throughout the home. Below you will find some options on ways to style your entryway.
HER FAVOURITE DESIGN TIP: “I can’t stress this enough, PLANTS!”


Why she loves the Round Mirror

The mirror creates an illusion for more space if you happen to have a narrow hallway and also – who doesn’t like to look in the mirror before going out? If you don’t like the slightest bit of mess in the hallway, putting an entryway hutch into this space allows for extra storage to tuck everything away. As well, adding greenery and a small lamp on top of the hutch adds that visual interest and takes your eye away from any mess on the floor. When those shoes are too hard to put on and you need to sit down, consider buying a cute stool.


Why She loves Baskets

The human eye is naturally inclined to find symmetrical designs appealing. So its no surprise then that when we design a room, we like to double up on items such as art, photos, baskets for sleek storage and accessories to cozy up the space. Designing a room with symmetry in mind adds a sense of balance to your entryway.


Why she loves the Floating Shelf

Floating shelves & hooks are great when you are tight on space as it helps keep things off the floor and out of the way, such as coats, dog leashes, and hats. They can also be a great way to display photos and momentos. Cluster and layer some frames of different sizes to create a fun display. For a bit of lighting, try adding a few wall sconces as they can change the feeling of the room altogether.

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