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Natural and Casual Holiday Table-Becca Wright Interiors

Becca Wright is a North Vancouver-based residential interior designer that specializes in decorating.  She shares with us her tips and tricks on how to style your dining table this holiday season.


I love how styling can elevate something as simple as eating a meal. And it doesn’t need to be perfect or expensive. It is the intention behind it that makes it special. Perfect is overrated anyways. I can’t use anything too expensive or precious anyways because I have two little boys who will be sure to make a mess of it somehow.

With COVID restrictions in place, we won’t be indulging in the large holiday gatherings that we all are used to. It is disappointing to not be able to see everyone we want to see and hug everyone we want to hug. Especially at this time of year. A time of year that can feel so lonely for so many. But that shouldn’t stop us from creating a beautiful holiday table. Even if it is just for ourselves or our families.

I like to think of my aesthetic as natural, casual, wabi-sabi, traditional, eclectic and modern, so that is the style of table I created for my family meal.  Whatever your style/vibe may be, you can make it your own with whatever you have lying around the house. Think layering linens, textures, greenery and candlelight.

All you need is linens, dried or fresh greens or florals, dishes and tableware. Go outside and forage some branches if you don’t want to bother going to the store. If you don’t have a tablecloth, then skip it or use a curtain or a bed sheet. Get creative with it! There are no rules to this. And remember imperfect and effortless is more beautiful and welcoming than perfect could ever be.

Table scapes can really elevate your meals and create more intentionality around the table. It encourages people to linger a while. Even if it is just you and a loved one! Elevating the ordinary is what the holidays is all about, no?


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy styling!


Love, Becca

Becca Wright is a Vancouver-based residential interior designer that specializes in decorating. Follow her on Instagram at @beccawrightinteriors  or check out her website click here


Styling- Becca Wright Photography- The Candid Co Bouquet- Habitat and Cloth








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